The Program

Code Scouts is a community committed to helping women find their place in the technical world. Our Coaches and strong peer network help learners through the early stages of exploring the landscape of technology, and offer a supportive environment to build skills that lead to fulfilling tech careers.

Whether you're a total beginner, honing your craft, preparing to launch your career or building your professional network, we have something for you.

The Beta Test is Almost Over... We're Ready to Go Live!

The first year of Code Scouts has been an amazing journey. Some members have launched software development careers while others are well on their way.

Now we're taking the best of our beta and launching the Flagship Chapter of Code Scouts 1.0 in Portland in January 2014.

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What Our Members Say

"I'm so grateful for Code Scouts. It's such a welcoming, vibrant and encouraging community. It really was the bridge that helped me to move from doing coursework to actually working on a collaborative project for a website." -- Laura U.

"I appreciate all of your help during my career transition. You were literally the first person I met in the industry that told me my goals were obtainable." -- Hakimu J.

"I'm so excited to learn something new, I've always harbored an inner nerd and I'm ready to let her out!!" -- Akilah J.

"I just moved to Portland, and would love to be part of a community that is forward-thinking but laid-back. I do much better in the real-world rather than the virtual world and Code Scouts sounds like a place where I would learn lots and laugh lots." -- Stacy A.


Code Scouts and its members receive special benefits from Corporate Partners, including discounts, freebies, space for community meetings, and other perks. We're grateful to all of our Partners for their generous support!

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Code Scouts Partners


We believe that technical knowledge, especially the ability to understand and create software, is becoming necessary to success as the world becomes more digital. As professional software developers we've seen the lack of diversity in our field, the most dramatic to us being the lack of women. Women represent roughly half the population, yet make up only 18% of software developers.

Our mission is to empower women to find their place in the digital world. As we see it, the barriers to entry are largely social. We aim to uncover the truth about software development -- and technology in general -- which is that anyone can learn these skills, and use them to achieve their goals.

From the outside, the world of technology can seem closed to beginners, and unwelcoming to the uninitiated. We want to welcome outsiders in through creation of a safe and welcoming space. The Code Scouts philosophy embodies five core values: respect, kindness, generosity, growth, and community.

  1. Respect: Listening and being heard. Having and assuming good intentions. Fostering a community with no judgments about knowledge, skill level or other differences.
  2. Kindness: Being welcoming and encouraging to one another, especially newcomers and complete beginners.
  3. Generosity: Cutting others slack, and cutting yourself some slack, too! Sharing your time and skills with your fellow members through peer mentorship. Contributing to open source software.
  4. Growth: Striving to learn and improve oneself. Understanding that growing takes practice and "failure" is really just one more crucial step toward success.
  5. Community: Working together as a Code Scouts community, as well as being citizens of the greater programming community. Together we can achieve more, and have more fun.