Dear volunteers, members, supporters, and friends,

Code Scouts began with the notion that anyone should feel welcome in the tech world. We believed that no one should be excluded. Our hypothesis was that, through community, those who may have otherwise felt like outsiders could find their place.

We started small. We brought in about 100 members and 30 volunteers and began running experiments in a closed system. We held workshops, project days, and mixers, we tried to connect mentors with learners, and discussed endlessly how else we might achieve success. For many of our members, being a part of this experiment was what got them to the next level.

We always aimed to grow so we could serve more members, but the resources just weren’t there. All that is about to change.

The next chapter is about to begin: Code Scouts is becoming a program of ChickTech, an amazing organization whose mission is to get and keep women in high tech. Code Scouts will still be open to all those who feel excluded — regardless of gender — just as it always has been. With ChickTech's strong foundation we know that Code Scouts will finally be able to grow into the amazing community we always envisioned.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the years as we worked together toward inclusive tech community. If you'd like to continue supporting the Code Scouts vision, please consider supporting ChickTech!

With gratitude and best wishes,
Michelle, Kevin, and all of Team Code Scouts

P.S. ChickTech has an IndieGoGo campaign you can donate to right now! And definitely join ChickTech's Meetup Group and Mailing List to start getting involved.

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